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Anticipate your guests' needs with Density's real-time people count data

How Density Improves Hospitality Operations

Know the real-time occupancy and utilization of gyms, lounges, meeting rooms, VIP areas and more.

Save Time & Money

Reduce waste and avoid over-staffing by matching operations to expected visits.

Adjust Staff in Real-Time

Set staffing plans based on actual guest counts and forecasted demand.

Monitor Capacity

Know the real-time count of guests in each facility.

Avoid Overcrowding

Don’t let a crowd get in the way of your VIP treatment—never exceed maximum capacity again.

Real-Time Alerts

Know when to service bathrooms, stock food, or adjust staffing with real-time occupancy.

Prevent Service Shortfalls

Match food and beverage ordering and guest services to forecasted demand in each location.

How it Works

Quick Install

Install the Density device (not a camera) above your entrances—and connect it to the Internet

Log into Dashboard

See real-time foot traffic data on any web browser or your iOS mobile device

Get Alerts

Get an SMS alert or push notification when occupancy reaches a number of people you define

"Density tells me where people are, when they’re there, and it helps me to understand which resources I need to deploy and at what time."

— Mike Wilson, Director of Operations at Marriott

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Why Hospitality Operations Teams Love Density

  • Carts, luggage, and large groups can’t trick Density technology
  • Real time, mobile alerts for live count of each space
  • Use exit data to see trends across guest check-outs
  • See actual occupancy at crowded areas like lounges, conferences and event venues

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