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Improve operations across your campus with Density’s real-time analytics platform for counting people.

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A Better Campus Experience

Measure the real-time count of people in every building, floor and room.


Reduce wait times at shared spaces across campus.

Space Allocation

Allocate space based on how accurate utilization data.

Safety & Security

Monitor capacity and better prepare for emergencies.

"You want to be able to track how many people are eating so you have an idea of where your spending needs to be."

-Stephen Weaver, Senior Analyst for Student Dining and Residency

Real Time ‘Busyness’

Students, faculty, and staff can see how busy their favorite campus locations are in real time.

Insights and Reporting

Measure how campus facilities are used—from classrooms to computer labs—to inform space allocation and planning.

Mobile App Integration

Use Density’s mobile app to access real-time occupancy across campus locations, or integrate with existing campus apps.

How it Works

Easy Install

Density devices integrate easily with standard Power over Ethernet Plus (PoE+) network infrastructure and can be installed above almost any kind of doorway.

Continuous Monitoring

With Density’s software, Dashboard, you can easily manage 100s of devices across your campus. Unlimited Dashboard users are included as part of the Density service.

Real-Time Alerts

Automatic firmware and software updates are included as part of the Density service, which means your devices are always up to date with the latest capabilities and security enhancements.

Privacy First

Density’s platform is designed for privacy and data security. Unlike cameras, Density does not capture any personally identifiable information (PII).

  • No PII captured
  • Not a camera
  • Full data encryption (in transit and at rest)
  • Outbound connections only (HTTPS via Port 443)
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Density’s platform enables stakeholders to make informed decisions using data and analytics on how different kinds of spaces across the campus are used.

Space Planning Committees

Gain real-world data to quantify space requirements

Dean and Provost Offices

Set informed space allocation and space-sharing plans


Adjust technology services based on foot traffic patterns

Dining Services

Match services to forecasted demand to save time and money


Save time by setting usage-based maintenance and cleaning schedules


See real-time occupancy of spaces, from labs to libraries

"Our Dining Services is currently using Density data to improve staff planning, and we’re currently integrating Density into our campus-wide mobile app."

— Paul Turner, University of Notre Dame

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