Safely reopen campus with Density’s occupancy monitoring system.

Avoid crowds and monitor social distancing in high traffic areas such as dining halls and libraries.

Empower Students

Enable students to self-regulate with on-campus displays and occupancy data integrated into their university mobile app.

Ensure Safety

Monitor capacity in high traffic areas and trigger SMS and native notifications when occupancy limits are reached.

Streamline Cleaning

Help janitorial staff schedule cleaning based on actual usage and avoid servicing areas that have not been visited.

Safe Display

Give students the ability to self-regulate in busy areas with real-time occupancy displays. Options are native mobile, web, SMS, and on-site digital signage.

Safe Alerts

Alert staff when occupancy reaches unsafe levels in high-traffic areas like dining halls and libraries. Allow students and faculty to subscribe to notifications.

Safe Analytics

Monitor social distancing efforts across campus and track building usage over time with easy-to-read dashboard and insights.

Anonymous by Design

Unlike cameras, Density sensors never capture any personally identifiable information and can scale across campuses without compromising the privacy of students, staff, and visitors. Safe is trusted by essential businesses, the Fortune 100, and the U.S. Federal Government to comply with social distancing guidelines.

Best Practices for a Healthy Campus

Facilities & Operations

  • Limit occupancy in busy areas 
  • Schedule cleaning based on actual usage
  • Monitor social distancing in all buildings

Student Behavior

  • Display real-time occupancy on site
  • Help students self-regulate with data
  • Avoid overcrowding and delays


  • Set and monitor occupancy targets
  • Share limits with school community
  • Reassure families with accurate data

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