Employee Experience
Power Flexible Work
Help employees navigate the office safely and reserve space to do their best work.
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Keep Employees Safe
  • Show when it is safe to enter a space.
  • Give your team and employees real-time alerts when occupancy reaches unsafe levels.
  • Monitor your portfolio's compliance with social-distancing policies.
A Reliable Way To Reopen
Density is trusted by essential businesses, the Fortune 100, and governments to comply with social distancing guidelines.

Density’s Entry sensor monitors the real-time occupancy of buildings without needing visitor identity.
Desk Reservations
Flex Seating Managed
  • Manage desk configurations in one click (assigned, reservable, team-specific, etc.).
  • Self-schedule office visits, based on when teammates are coming into the office and workstation preferences.
  • Fully integrate with your HR, SSO, and employee communication systems, including Slack, Workday, Okta, Rippling, and BambooHR.
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