The #1 People Counter for Places of Worship

Installed above doorways, Density's sensors automatically count attendance at every service, program or event.

Every Person Counts

Measure attendance of every service & know the real-time occupancy of every room

Real-Time Data

See how many people are in your house of worship, right now.

Improve Programming & Funding

Density's Dashboard makes it easy to identify the most/least popular services.

Safety & Security

Monitor real-time occupancy and improve emergency response efforts.

People Counting Sensors

Install Density's sensors above your doorways and gain accurate count of how many people attend each service or event.

Real-Time Occupancy

Know how many people are in your buildings, rooms and other spaces in real time.

Analytics & Reports

Compare how many congregants attend each service, event or program.

How it Works

Easy Install

Density devices integrate easily with standard Power over Ethernet Plus (PoE+) network infrastructure and can be installed above almost any kind of doorway.

Continuous Monitoring

With Density’s software, Dashboard, you can easily manage 100s of devices across your campus. Unlimited Dashboard users are included as part of the Density service.

Real-Time Alerts

Automatic firmware and software updates are included as part of the Density service, which means your devices are always up to date with the latest capabilities and security enhancements.

"We needed to know how many people were attending our services and programming throughout the week. Density makes it easy."

— President of New York-based Church with over 10,000 Congregants

Why Places of Worship Choose Density

  • Protects privacy—not a camera
  • Accurate attendance and occupancy counts
  • Easily see and share data on any device
  • Software that's easy to use, and always up to date
  • Easy to install and scale

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